Information and know-how from student to student

Students are experts on studying. Students know good ways to develop teaching and are the best people know what would supplement their studies. Students also know what kinds of knowledge and skills they would like to improve.

Universitas Turku project wants to use that knowledge for the benefit students themselves. Universitas Turku Project gives student associations grants that they can use in order to organise courses, event and all kinds of activities that advance learning and academic activities among students. Universitas Turku Project is organised together by the University of Turku and the Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY).

The application period for the 2019 grants is open until 19 March 2019.

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Regulation for Universitas Turku project

Includes information on the steering group of the project, support provision, application criteria and reporting.

Universitas Turku project

Universitas Turku is a project realised in cooperation by the University of Turku and the Student Union of the University of Turku. The purpose of the project is to encourage students and especially TYY organisations to produce independent academic activities that support studies. The project distributes annual financial support for organisations to organise such activities.

Upon application, support from Universitas Turku project can be granted to organisations of the Student Union of the University of Turku. The organisation applying for support shall include at least ten TYY members, excluding organisations with no human members.

Project administration and steering group

Universitas Turku project is administered by a steering group, which decides on granting criteria and makes decisions on the distribution of support. The steering group also assesses the success of the project and provides recommendations on its continuation.

The steering group includes two representatives appointed by the University of Turku and four appointed by the Student Union of the University of Turku. One of the representatives appointed by TYY is TYY’s Specialist for Academic Affairs, and the other one is a representative of TYY Executive Board. Specialist for Academic Affairs serves as the secretary of the meetings of the steering board, and the Executive Board representative serves as its chair. Two other representatives appointed by TYY are elected by the Executive Board of the Student Union with an open search. The steering group decides the schedule of the project search and opens the search annually.

Application of support and realisation of supported projects

Universitas Turku support is applied with an electronic support form found at TYY’s website. Support application can only be submitted within a specified search period.

Project applying for support can be realised whenever during calendar year 2019. The support must be redeemed at the latest by the end of the calendar year following the project. Support can also be applied for a project began or realised before the application period.

TYY publishes the grant criteria for support at its website before opening the annual support search.  The criteria include grounds in favour of granting the support as well as appendices and other information that the applicant should submit with the application. The steering group of Universitas Turku approves the application criteria. The search form requests the organisation to provide the following information:

  • Project name and contact details for the person responsible for the project
  • Email address of the organisation applying for support and a bank account number, to which eventual support is paid
  • Description of eventual cooperation with a discipline, department or other unit of the University of Turku
  • Applied sum
  • Project plan and budget, which should include the aims, contents and target group of the project as well as costs and information on other eventual support and fund-raising
  • Eventual other appendices

NB! Budget must be appended to the application as a separate appendix.

Grant criteria for support

It shall be considered to the advantage of the applicant if the project or activity

  • improves the study preconditions of students
  • is innovative
  • is realised in cooperation with a discipline, department or other unit of the University of Turku
  • is organised so that it may provide ECTS compensations for studies at the University of Turku

It is also to the advantage of the project if it increases students’ well-being, supports the activities or aims of TYY and University of Turku and widely covers TYY members, encourages international students to participate and enables accessible and equal participation.

Support of Universitas Turku project shall not be granted

  • for activities regarded as normal or recurrent of an organisation or the university
  • for carrying on a business or for an organisation’s fund-raising
  • excursions
  • for projects the costs of which are completely covered by other fund-raising
  • for projects that receive support as TYY’s project or separate support
  • for activities against TYY’s values
  • for food and drink for organisations’ members or project participants.

The wealth of the organisation shall not influence the granting of the support. Other fund-raising does not decrease the level of eventually granted support. 

NB! Support from the Universitas Turku project can thus be applied to cover either all costs of a project or part of the costs of a project to be realised. Other cooperation partners or other fund-raising is considered an advantage. It should, however, be observed about the coverage that Universitas Turku project does not support business or projects whose costs are entirely covered without the project support.

Granting financial support

The steering group of Universitas Turku project decides on granting the support. Support decisions are communicated to the applicants via email. Information on granted support will also be published at the website of the Student Union and in the newsletter.

Cashing of financial support

The support must be redeemed at the latest by the end of the calendar year following the project. The support will be paid afterwards to the account announced by the organisation in the application, after the review of receipts and final report.

The support will only be paid for the costs mentioned in the budget submitted with the application or for those specifically mentioned in the decision.

If an organisation needs advance support e.g. for large costs, it can be specifically agreed. In issues related to advance support, contact TYY’s Specialist for Organisations and Administration (+358 44 796 1065,

Reporting of supported projects

After the end of the project, a final report is required from organisations that were provided support. The final report is drafted with the form available at TYY’s website.

The final report should include

  • Basic information on the project
  • Assessment of the success of the project, eventual continuation and impact on teaching
  • How the project realised the plan presented in the application form
  • How the project realised the criteria for the support
  • Realisation of the costs and income of the project.

Change of the support distribution criteria

The contents of the present regulation are annually decided by the steering group of Universitas Turku project.