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The International Wing encourages internationalisation, home internationalisation, cultural tolerance and multiculturalism on campus. The International Wing cooperates with TYY organisations and eventually with other international organisations. Wing members may participate in the meetings of TYY International Council. The Wing participates annually in the election of the recipient of TYY International Award. The Executive Board decides the recipient of the award.

Become a regular member

The regular members of the Wing are elected yearly, but it its easy to join at any time of the year. Just take contact with the wing's chair (see below). The Wing has meetings approximately once in a month and the meetings are held in English. You are welcome to attend the meetings as a non-member, too!

We welcome you to the events and meetings of the TYY International Wing!

International Wing 2020

  • Victor Kathan Sarker, full year 2020, (chair)
  • Shruti Jain, full year 2020
  • Karo Kankus, full year 2020
  • Pauli Jyrkinewsky, full year 2020
  • Liisa Oranta, full academic year 2020-2021
  • Iina Takala, autumn
  • Salla Virtanen, autumn
  • Zhu Qing Ren, full academic year 2020-2021
  • Silja Ahonen, full academic year 2020-2021

More information: TYY Executive Board Member Kristaps Kovaļonoks: tyy-kv@utu.fi

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