The Equality Wing promotes the realisation of equality, gender equality and accessibility in the Student Union and at the university. The aim of the Wing is that the Student Union and the University would systematically take into account students' diversity in their activities. The Equality Wing organises events, raises discussion and inform about topical issues related to equality and accessibility.

Equality Wing 2020

  • Jenni Jäntti, full year 2020 (chair)
  • Jukka Väisänen, full year 2020
  • Roosa Hietalahti, full year 2020
  • Heidi Kangas, full year 2020
  • Jennifer Stanger, academic year 2019–2020
  • Edla Lahtinen, full academic year 2020-2021
  • Sara Vatanen, full academic year 2020-2021

More information: TYY Executive Board Member Kristaps Kovaļonoks:

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