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Environmental Wing (Ympäristösiipi)

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The Environmental Wing promotes environmentally-friendly procedures among organisations and students as well as elsewhere at the Student Union, at the university and in the surrounding society. The aim of the Wing is to monitor the compliance with TYY's Environmental Programme and to promote Commitment 2050 and other environmental objectives at the Student Union and the university. The Wing organises TYY's Development Cooperation Week together with the Development Cooperation Wing.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the activities and meetings organised by the TYY Environmental Wing. If you are interested in participating, you can contact the Wing's chair (contact details below).

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Environmental Wing 2020

  • Venla Ristola, full year 2020, chair
  • Mikaela Wirenius, full year 2020
  • Jasmin Luomavuori, full year 2020
  • Nella Tanninen, spring
  • Karita Kantanen, spring 2019 and academic year 2019–2020
  • Sini Lilja, academic year 2019–2020

Contact us:

Kristaps Kovaļonoks, TYY Executive Board, Volunteers


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