• plans and carries out TYY’s development cooperation projects with TYY’s development cooperation sector
  • promotes the UN’s sustainable development goals in the Student Union
  • organises different kinds of development cooperation themed events and TYY’s sustainable development week together with the Environmental Wing

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You do not have to be an official member to participate in the Wing’s activities. Meetings are open to everyone and new students and ideas are welcome with open arms! Join the Wing's activities by contacting it's chair (contact details below). We welcome you to do development cooperation at TYY!

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►Do you want to join the mailing list of the Wing? Please send e-mail to tyy-internationalspecialist@utu.fi

Development Cooperation Wing 2021

  • Mari Puurunen, Chair, calendar year 2021
  • Paavo Jordman calendar year 2021
  • Julianna Reunanen spring semester 2021
  • Luukas Salonen calendar year 2021
  • Liina Nurmi spring semester 2021
  • Jaana Rinne, academic year 2020–2021
  • Henni Pajunen, academic year 2021–2022
  • Elli Peltonen, academic year 2021–2022

►Further information: Member of the Executive Board for volunteers