Tutor system that the University of Turku offers together with the Student Union is an excellent way for any students to be part of international Turku. Tutors for degree students are Finnish or international students who are interested in being international during their studies while staying in their own home campus. The application time takes place during early spring; the tutors are trained by the Student and Admission Services and the Student Union in the end of spring. The tutors get the contact information about their tutees during summer and contact their international students before arrival. The orientation of international degree tutors take place normally during first week of September.

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Tutor's reminder list

First few days

  • University enrollment at the Faculty office: See detailed info by programme
  • Computer issues (ID usernames, NettiOpsu and Intranet, keys for computer class)
  • Orientation 2.9. (TSE week 35 already): See programme here
  • Housing (Picking up the key, signing the contract, Notice of defects, Laundry)
  • Payment of the Student Union membership fee: Student will get the invoice at the Faculty office upon registration (Print the receipt, order the student card at www.frank.fi/en)
  • Get to know the University campus area, city
  • Transportation (how the buses work, bus card, long distance buses & trains)
  • Residence issues (personal ID, address change)
  • Opening a bank account
  • Courses and Studies: Master coordinators

Other issues

  • What if your student gets ill? (FSHS: Finnish Student Health Service, Health Centre - First Aid (European Health Insurance Card), Private clinics)
  • Auction at the police station 22.9. at 10 am
  • Mailing lists
  • University Sports
  • Student organizations, student life and culture
  • Tutors’ reward and credit: At the end of the semester

Subject organisations for Master Programmes


  • Master's Degree Programme in Futures Studies
  • Master's Degree Programme in Global Information Technology Management
  • Master's Degree Programme in Global Innovation Management

IVA ry:

  • Biomedical Imaging
  • Drug discovery and development
  • Molecular Biotechnology and Diagnostics

Students Club Taotao:

  • Master's Degree Programme in Asian Studies


  • Master's Degree Programme in Astronomy and Space Physics
  • Master's Degree Programme in Material Sciences


  • Master's Degree Programme in Bioinformatics
  • Master's Degree Programme in Information Security and Cryptography

TYK ry:

  • Master's Degree Programme in Molecular Biotechnology and Diagnostics
  • Master's Degree Programme in Molecular Systems Biology




  • Baltic Sea Region Studies


  • Suomen ja sen sukukielten maisteriohjelma


  • European Heritage, Digital Media and the Information Society


  • Master's Degree Programme in Food Development


  • Law and Information Society