On this page, we have gathered tips for remote activities during the coronavirus outbreak.

The Student Union of the University of Turku follows the instructions provided by the Finnish Government, Regional State Administrative Agency, University of Turku as well as the City of Turku. We also want to encourage our students to follow the guidelines.

Various programs suitable for remote get-together activities (for mobile phone and computer):

- Zoom

Both The Student Union of the University of Turku and University of Turku recommend using Zoom. By using Zoom, it is possible to establish a video connection and thus see up to 20 people on the screen at the same time. Zoom conversations can host up to 300 people. If you are unfamiliar with this application, look at the instructions here:


- Microsoft Teams

These conversations can host up to 250 people, but a live session can have up to 10 000 viewers at the same time. Video connection is possible.

- Skype and Skype for Business

Skype conversations can host up to 50 people, but Skype for Business can host up to 250 people. In both, it is possible to establish a video connection with the participants.

- Discord

The conversation can host up to 1000 people. The video connection is possible with 10 people.

- Google Hangout

The conversation can host up to 100 people. The video connection is possible with 10 people.

In addition to these, there are many other applications that allow you to establish a remote connection. Tell us about them, and we will add them to our list. By using these applications for organising a remote activity, it is possible to easily record it by pressing the "record" button or by downloading any other screen recording software. Live events can be organised, for example, by using either Facebook or Instagram live option. In this case, social media followers will receive a notification about the live event, and thus the event itself with get the visibility it needs.

Let's enjoy each other's company remotely. TYY provides help practical matters, brainstorming of ideas as well us understanding the rules of organisations. Feel free to contact our Specialist or the Executive Board Members if any ideas or problems arise. Contact information can be found here:


Together with the organisation or a group of friends

General instructions for joining a meeting (Zoom)

Whether it is hanging out or a more carefully planned meeting, it is always more fun to be able to chat with others at the same time. So, launch any suitable software for whatever the event may be.

1. Open Zoom, log in.

2. Invite your friend to join the meeting/event by sharing the link or by selecting a "meeting room number" found on the upper left corner.

3. In case of too many players/participants, you can divide into smaller groups by selecting the "breakout rooms" option.

4. You can also share rights with each other (manage participants -> [name] -> make co-host)

5. You can share your screen/part of the screen/a specifically selected page by selecting the "share screen" option.

Play together

Draw and guess

Draw and guess is a game that can be played in many ways, for example, in Zoom by using the screen sharing option. Also, many other game platforms can be found online. These include...

jackbox.tv Popular, in English, you will find a wide selection of different games

https://skribbl.io/ Popular, also in English

thegamegal.com/world-generator A word generator when your imagination runs out of words

Act and guess

Mime artist is a fun and easy game to play remotely as well. It works the same way as Draw and guess, but instead of drawing something, the words are presented by acting. Keep the microphone muted and the video on when presenting the words, so no words are revealed accidentally.

Make a guess

Get a modelling wax or make a dough from potato flour. This works the same way as Draw and guess, but instead of drawing something, words are presented by making them out of the modelling wax.


Alias is also easy to play using a remote connection. You can get words, for example, from the word generator or take your own Alias cards from the closet. If you are serious about playing, one of the players can move all the players' pieces on the board. This will determine the one with the most points and the winner can be crowned. The rules of Alias can be easily found online.

Role-playing games and console games

Now it is the time to create a role-playing session and start, for example, your own Dungeons & Dragons story. By using console games, you can organise, for example, a LAN party.

Various board games

Remote board games include such games as Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly. This requires at least one participant who owns the board game and is acting as the chip mover and the game manager. Uno and many other card games can also be played remotely.

Online games

MineCraft: Build your own office or university (Delta ry)

jackbox.tv:  Play many different games in a small group

play.unofreak.com: Play Uno

chess.com: Play chess

kiekko.tv: Play hockey

Cards Against Humanity: https://pyx-1.pretendyoure.xyz/zy/game.jsp#game=420

Remote evening activities

Habbohuone: Create your own habbohuone or join the TYYlikkäät habbobileet on Thursdays at 20.00. Both Synapsi ry and TuKy have set up their own facilities in Habbo.

Coffee and lunch break: Exchange your daily news over a cup of coffee or by having lunch remotely.

Quarantine bingo: One is leading the game while others participate. (Synapsi ry)

Karaoke evening: If you can't find any karaoke instruments, then Youtube's Sing Along version will allow you to both play and sing.

Borrow a dog for jogging: Borrow a dog from your friend/organisation as a jogging buddy.

Cooking school: Teach others how to cook with your skills (Nucleus ry)

Handicraft club: Now is the time to do some handicrafts, and remember, is it more fun together.

Movie night: Watch together movies, speksi shows or documentaries by using the "share screen" option. There is a lot to see at Yle Areena.

Record albums: Guess artists and songs.

Tasting evening: Buy new products from the shop, taste them and exchange your opinion with others.

Making doughnuts and funnel cake competition: Let's prepare for Vappu together by making some traditional desserts.

Netflix: Netflix party (Google Chrome) allows you to watch a movie together with a group of friends and chat at the same time.

Beer, wine and special soda tasting: Yum, now straight to the shop!

Updates remotely: Familiar time, familiar people, now organisations update about their activities remotely.  (TYK ry)

Easter egg hunt: Chocolate eggs are hidden all over Turku, who will find the first one? (Synapsi ry)

TV show or movie marathon: Screen sharing is on and everyone's watching.

Sitz parties: For example, in Zoom, Breakout Rooms work as a place for toastmasters while singing can be held in the "main room". Song quality, however, may not be the best. Sitz parties can also be held in Habbo.

Blind chef: Everyone buys the same ingredients and one person is working as the main chef. He then tells others how to prepare the food. Will everyone prepare the same dish?

Speed Friending: Using Zoom, divide people into Breakout Rooms and give them the co-host permissions. After talking for a couple of minutes, participants move to a different room. People moving can be viewed as numbers while the people hosting a room can be viewed as letters who stay in their rooms the whole time. (TYY Executive Board, SEKSMYY meeting)

Speed Blind Friending: Works the same way as Speed Friending but turn off your camera and play with a nickname. Later, after one round, people can reveal who are they.

Social media evening: Share the best memes about the coronavirus, watch the funniest videos and participate in different challenges.

Dancing: Practice for upcoming Annual Balls and feel the spring coming.

Quizzes: Various quizzes for members and friends. Invent it yourself or find a ready-made quiz online. You can also use Kahoot.it. (TYK ry)

10 questions: Did you know that Turun Sanomat contains 10 questions every single day? These questions are answered daily by Delta ry.


Exercise and well-being

Remote jogging: Put your headphones on and connect with others. Everyone can enjoy their own jogging path while still being able to hear news of the day from others.

Well-being evening: Everyone promotes well-being, cooks something healthy, shares the best well-being tips and enjoys a face mask. You can even do some relaxation exercises (Youtube).

Acquiring choreographies from music videos: Learn different choreographies from music videos. For example, during Eurovision this is a fun way to move around. Do you already know the choreography of Single Ladies or Little Big - Uno?

Your own personal trainer: Download a fitness app on your phone and follow the instructions.

Group exercise hour: The organisation's person responsible for sport activities/fitness enthusiast/anyone else can share the responsibility or organising group exercise classes remotely. For example, this can be a fitness group, a dance class, muscle fitness etc.

Workouts from the video: Youtube is fun of different muscle exercises and programs. Also, from Elixia and CampusSport webpages you can find high-quality videos.


Competitions, social media activities, live videos, challenges and lots of fun

Beer Pong - together with your friends remotely:


Pyramid Pong - challenge: try it out yourself and challenge your friends:


Escape-room-live puzzles

Competition of designing overall patches. Topic could be, for example, quarantine or spring 2020.

Organisational product design competition.

Following the signs of spring. (Synapsi ry)

Live videos:

- coping and mental health tips

- exercise hour

- teach others a new skill you master

- tips for cleaning or polishing silver jewellery

- quizzes can also be held online

- preparing for Annual Balls (hairstyle and makeup tips, etiquette)

Create your own challenge and challenge your own friends and organisations

Create a "my day" live video as a Board Member on social media

Sharing and asking tips for coping


In your own company (time to invest in yourself)

Watch Netflix

Spring cleaning

Write a diary, write a letter to yourself in 5 years from now, read a book or poems

Assemble the puzzle (Have you already tried the Escape room puzzle?)

Bake and cook (Learn to cook or bake something completely new)

Read newspapers and books (familiarise yourself with a new topic)

Paint a painting, card or flowerpots in summer colours

Sleep enough both during the day and night

Take part in challenges or create them yourself on social media

Learn something new (acrobatics, language, food)

Play (chess, solitaire, escape room, Älypää, Miniclip, Sims, video games, draw and guess)

Draw (you can find a lot of tips on how to develop your drawing skills on the internet and social media)

Update your resume or develop yourself as a job seeker by practising interview questions, writing a cover letter, or creating a LinkedIn profile

Work on your delayed study assignments

Make your own movie or animation

Do pottery

Do volunteer work, for example, by helping your neighbours with grocery shopping.


Upcoming TYY activities

TYY wants to provide you with the latest information and tips for a fun everyday life. So please, follow us on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube) to keep up to speed with the latest information. TYY's coffee meeting room in open for chats weekly. We inform about them on social media.

Don't forget about TYYlikäs habbohuone that is open to everyone. You can find it on habbo.fi. (Search for a room -> all rooms -> TYYlikäs habbohuone) In Habbo, there is a party every Thursday starting at 20.00. TYYlikäs vappu is also approaching. Press "going" on the Facebook event and stay tuned. In addition to all of this, TYY is organising different events every week. You can find these remote events on TYY's events calendar. See you in TYY's activities!

Good luck to everyone this spring! Stay healthy and enjoy the feeling of community remotely.


International live on Zoom

International Sector (Satu & Kristaps) has a live session in Zoom once in every 2 weeks. We advertise the events on Facebook and our website. You can attend with or without video and also use the chat option. See the presentations of our live's below. 

International Sector goes live 16 April

International Sector goes live 28 April

International Sector goes live 21 August