In November the student union celebrates the day of its founding. Celebratory Banquet and the preceding cocktail party create the most festive day of TYYs year. This year, our celebrations are bigger and more festive than previous years, since we are celebrating our 95th anniversary along with the 100-year-old Finland.

This year the main celebration is held November 11th in Turun VPK-talo and the academic herring breakfast will take place the following day in our new student house named Q-House(Nummenpuistokatu 2, Turku). The week of celebrations has a wide range of different events from group singing to the festivities of Porthans day. Here you can find more information on the annual celebration. We look forward to seeing you celebrating the birthday of the student union!


The celebrations begin with a cocktail party at the premises of the School of Economics(Rehtorinpellonkatu, Turku) across the street from Studen House B at 15.00. During the cocktail party, invited guests and associations may give greetings to the student union. After the greetings and toasts we continue to the main event with pre-organised transportation around 17.00.

Dinner is served at Turun VPK-talo (Eskelinkatu 5, 20100 Turku), whose doors open at 17:15 and the main event starts at 18:00.

After the dance, the magnificent programme and the delicious dinner, we continue to the after party by bus, the venue of after party is secret due to our academic traditions, and it's not revealed before the ball.

The academic herring breakfast is served at Q-House (Nummenpuistokatu 2, Turku), beginning at 12 o’clock.

Entry Fees

Student union members 95€ 
Non-members 100€
Support banquet card 120 €


Enrolment period starts September 22nd for the invited guests and October 6th to other guests and members. Enrollmen will be closed October 15th or until there is no seats left.

► Enrollment form

(Please note that the enrollment form is in Finnish, for the translation of the questions in the form, scroll to the end of this page)

Dress Code 

White tie with academic honors


1. Option
Balsamico-flavoured beetroot soup and the goat cheese creme, roasted seeds and kale chip 
Overriped bovine brisket in red wine sauce, potato cake and root vegetable chips 
Tosca apple, salty butterscotch and cardamom creme

2. Option
Balsamico-flavoured beetroot soup and the goat cheese creme, roasted seeds and kale chip 
Pumpkin cobbler in yoghurt-feta sauce, potato cake and root vegetable chips
Tosca apple, salty butterscotch and cardamom creme

The participation fee includes also the food beverages: schnapps, two glases of wine, coffee avec(cream liqueur or cognac). If you have any allergies or special diets, please inform those in your enrollment form in advance. 


Payment instructions:

The entry fees are paid to Student Union's account during the enrollment period and at the latest October 15th. 

IBAN: FI25 5716 9020 0256 36
Recipient: Turun yliopiston ylioppilaskunta
Payment message: Annual ball + name/names of the people who are included in the payment


If you wish to endow us with anniversary gift, we are hoping that you could donate to our New Student House-project instead of material gifts. The project is very important to us and we are gathering funds for the project to secure our Student House's (named Q-House) future. 

Donations for the Q-House Project:
IBAN: FI48 5716 9020 0256 10
Recipient: Turun yliopiston ylioppilaskunta
Payment message: Anniversary Gift / Q-House


If you have any questions or problems, please contact:

Board member responsible of student culture,
Saana Kallio
+358 44 796 1061


Annual ball producer, 
Edvina Walstén

Translation of the enrollment form. 

Questions marked with * are mandatory to fill.

Yhteystiedot / Contacts

Etunimi * / First name
Sukunimi * / Last name
Sähköposti * / E-mail address
Puhelinnumero / Phone number with area code (for example +358 12 3456 789)
Oletko TYYn jäsen? * / Are you a member of TYY?

  • Kyllä / Yes
  • Ei / No

Mahdollinen edustamasi taho? / If you are a presentative of an organization or other association, mention that organization/associaton here

Cocktail-tilaisuus / Cocktail party

Haluatteko esittää tervehdyksen cocktail-tilaisuudessa? * / Do you wish to give a short greeting in the cocktail party on behalf of your organization/association? 

  • Kyllä / Yes
  • Ei / No

Edustamanne taho tervehdyksessä / If you answered yes, write the associations name here.

Illallinen / Dinner
Menuvalinta * / Choose your menu

  • Menu 1 (liha) / Menu 1 (meat)
  • Menu 2 (kasvis) / Menu 2 (vegetarian), please notice that if you're a dean you must report it in special diet-question

Ruoka-aineallergiat ja erityisruokavaliot / Allergies or special diets
Juomavalinnat * / Drinks selection
Alkoholillinen / Alcoholic 
Alkoholiton / Non-alcoholic
Drinks are starting schnapps, wines with two courses and coffee avec (either cream liqueur or cognac). These all are available also alcoholic-free.

Avec-juoma * / Coffee avec

  • Konjakki / Cognac
  • Kermalikööri / Cream liqueur 
  • Alkoholiton / Non-alcoholic drink

Paikkatoiveet / Seating preferences

Avec * / Do you celebrate with the avec?

  • Kyllä / Yes
  • Ei / No

Huomioithan, että mahdollisen avecin tulee ilmoittautua erikseen omalla ilmoittautumislomakkeella. / Please notice, that the possible avecs must fill their own enrollment. 
Avecin nimi / Name of the possible avec
Muu plaseeraustoive / Other preferences for the seating

Silliaamiainen / The Herring Breakfast

Osallistutko silliaamiaiselle? / Are you attending to the herring breakfast the following day? *

  • Kyllä / Yes
  • Ei / No

Terveiset järjestäjille / If you have anything else in your mind or want to say something for the organizers you can write it here