TYY’s cultural sector provides diverse possibilities both for participating and for producing culture and experiences. TYY’s long-term traditions and history have impacted the cultural provision, but each new actor in the cultural sector brings something new to it.

TYY’s traditional events

TYY’s events calendar includes yearly organised events, including First of May, Anniversary celebration and Fastlaskiainen. Current news and event bulletins are visible in the events calendar on the front page, in social media and through mailing lists.

Participate in the cultural activities

TYY recruits volunteers for specific bigger events. The volunteers cooperate with Event Producer and the Executive Board Member for Student Traditions in realising TYY’s traditional events. Many sub-organisations of TYY have cultural activities, in which you can participate.

Annual events

TYY has long traditions, which are also visible in the diverse events. Organised events range from downhill sliding to glamorous Anniversary celebration. These events provide the possibility to meet new people regardless of their education or university.

Become enthused in the opening carnival and in the opening of the term
Each autumn of the Student Union is begun with an opening carnival and university opening in the first week of the term. Different organisations and fun programme are present at the campus. In the evening, TYY will organise cross-disciplinary party!

Be part of the old tradition on Porthan Day
On the official anniversary of TYY, November 9th, laying of a memorial wreath to Porthan statue is organised. The laying of the wreath has been a tradition since the establishment of TYY in 1922.

Wear your best at the Anniversary celebration
TYY celebrates its anniversary traditionally around Porthan day in November. Come and celebrate the birthday of TYY at an academic dinner party! You can enjoy the spirit of the party and dance till you drop.

Come and carry a torch in the Independence Day torch procession
Independence Day torch procession is a joint procession of university students of Turku towards the soldiers’ graves as a celebration of the Finnish Independence Day (December 6th). Do not hesitate to come and carry a torch in the procession!

Two histories of the Student Union
In 2010, the Student Unions of the Turku School of Economics and the University of Turku merged and composed the Student Union of the new University of Turku. The anniversary of the merge of the Student Unions is celebrated in the mid-February.

Grab your sledge and join the Shrovetide
Who has the coolest sledge? What about the style of downhill sledging? The Student Unions of Turku together organise Fastlaskiainen on Shrove Tuesday. The most stylish downhill sledging wins a reward. Shrove buns, hot juice and great company are also available!

First of May – Students’ main day
First of May is the main event of the year for students! Sub-organisations provide various programme, but remember to come to the Arts Museum Hill on April 30th to put on your student caps, to put the cap to the statue of Lilja in Runeberg park and to join the First of May picnic in Vartionvuori Hill.  

Do you wish to have a company?

You can explore the city of Turku with a support student! For example, a support student can help you find services you need and hobbies you love. A support student offers low-threshold peer support to fellow students in all faculties in English also. The purpose of peer support activities is to ensure that no student is left out of the student community.
► You can easily contact the support student  through the Shall we talk?  form!

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