You are not alone.

Support students promote a sense of community and mental well being in the University of Turku. The goal is that nobody is left alone with their worries. On My Mind support student activities are all about preventive mental health work. Support students provide company and opportunities to confidential conversations so that it is possible to resolve problems at an early stage.

On My Mind support students offer peer support to the fellow students in all faculties and all campuses in English also.

The main message of the support student activity is: It is ok to talk about things on your mind! At its best, conversational help prevents the development of mental disorders.

Check out the On My Mind website and learn more!

You can easily contact a support student via "Shall we talk?" form!

Do you wish to have a chat? Would you like to find new activities and hobbies?

Briefly write on the form the topic for which you need a support. A support student best suited to your situation will be in touch within approximately ten days (with the exception of vacation times).
After this, the support student and you can decide together when and where to meet.

Useful guides and services

On My Mind project has gathered some useful guides for you. From the website you’ll find more information about support services available in the University of Turku. There are also many helplines and chats listed.

If you need help finding a support service that works for you, do not hesitate to contact support students and discuss the matter with them!


The On My Mind project is implemented through a unique, close collaboration between the University of Turku and Student Union of University of Turku (TYY). These organizations jointly applied for funding for the project in 2020. The Ministry of Education and Culture granted a total of 107,000 euros to the project.

The strength of this project is the utilization of student perspective. By incorporating the student perspective into planning and implementation, for example, faculty-specific differences can be better taken into account.

The project has three main priorities:

  • Promote early access to mental health support services at low threshold
  • Breaking down prejudices and stigmas related to mental health issues
  • Sharing good practices that promote the well-being of students