All TYY organisations are international.

The Internationalisation Instructions of the Student Union of the University of Turku support the work of the persons responsible for international affairs in organisations and of actors interested in international affairs. The International Sector of the Student Union updates the instructions annually.

General information

International students. The University of Turku includes internationalism at several different levels. International students refer, in these instructions, to all the following:

                      - Exchange students remaining between a term and a year

                      - International degree students completing a two-year Master’s degree

                      - Graduate students writing their dissertations for a certain period

                      - Visiting students who do not complete a whole degree 

Statistics. The university includes both incoming and outgoing students. More than 2,000 international students from almost a hundred countries study annually at the University of Turku. Annually, almost 1,000 students of the University of Turku go for an exchange period or internship abroad. All international students completing a degree at the University of Turku are TYY members. The membership is voluntary for exchange students.

Internationalisation at home. Internationalisation does not require studies or internship abroad, but one may internationalise at home at the University of Turku by being active e.g. in international affairs in one’s organisation and in the organisations for international students as well as by completing courses supporting internationalisation.

Internationalism of organisations


Board member for international affairs. For an organisation to be able to focus on international affairs, it should appoint one Board member as responsible for international affairs or exchange students. Responsibility for international affairs can be one side task of a Board member.

Website. For international students to receive information on the organisation, it must have English contents on its website and in social media. It should also be informed whom to contact for further information.

Weekly mails. It is important to send English summaries of weekly emails or separate English weekly mails. For example, TYY sends a separate English newsletter every two weeks.

Translations. The responsibility for translating emails can be evenly divided so that the writer of the mail writes a short English summary. One person may also be specifically responsible for translation.

Mailing lists. Organisations may have a separate mailing list for international students when communication for Finnish- and English-speaking members is more simple. One may request the International Services of the university to forward mails to exchange students. Coordinators for international Master’s programmes can be requested forwarding mails to degree students. The Student Union can be requested to forward mails to the tutors of international degree students or exchange students.

Social media. It is preferable to summarise the essential in English after each social media update. This requires effort from all users of the social media account.

Events. International students specifically hope for events where they can meet both Finnish and other international students.

International students as organisation members and officials. The eagerness of international students to work in organisations is directly correlated to how accessible the activities are language-wise.

Promotion of Student Interests

Promotion of international degree students’ interests. International degree students complete international Master's programmes, which are subject to a charge for students from outside the EU/EEA area beginning from autumn 2017. All faculties have international Master’s programmes. Responsibility for the promotion of interests is at the affiliated subject-specific organisations of the Master’s programmes and at the student representatives of the programmes. Crucial issues in the promotion of interests include application criteria for Master’s programmes, tuition fees, coverage of the grant system, course supply and student integration.

List of the affiliated subject organisations for international Master’s programmes 

List of international mailing lists

Promotion of international exchange students’ interests. Annually, exchange students arrive in each faculty. The promotion of interests should ensure that they have the possibility to complete studies during their exchange period.

Promotion of Finnish exchange students’ interests. For exchange studies to promote graduation, it is important to ensure that students may include courses flexibly in their studies.

The Student Union of the University of Turku

The Student Union of the University of Turku supports organisations in issues related to international affairs.

TYY Specialist for International Affairs. Specialist for International Affairs works permanently at the Student Union. The Specialist may inform in issues related to organisations’ internationalisation, exchange periods and home internationalisation. Email:

TYY Executive Board Member for International Affairs. Annually rotating Executive Board Member responsible for International Affairs of the Student Union is responsible for implementing TYY’s annual Plan of Action together with the Specialist for International Affairs. TYY Executive Board Member for International Affairs may also be consulted in issues related to organisations’ internationalisation, exchange periods and home internationalisation. Email:

TYY International Wing. The International Wing functions as part of TYY’s international sector. It organises activities related to the International Sector and communicates them and works as a link between sector actors and TYY members. The International Wing organises a wide variety of events either alone or in cooperation with voluntary organisations.

TYY International Council. A council led by TYY’s International Sector, which has meetings a few times per term. Meetings discuss the promotion of student interests and they are open to all. TYY International Council on Facebook.

Financial support. The internationalism of organisations is considered when granting activity support (see internationalism of organisation). The participation possibilities of international students are also considered when granting project and separate support. This is how TYY wants to encourage organisations to consider international students.

TYY International Wing Facebook site. TYY International Wing's own Facebook page. 

TYY International Info market. In a connection or close to the orientation of international students, TYY organises an International Info market where organisations may present their activities.

Visibility at TYY website. TYY is happy to assist organisations in communication. Your organisation may request access to the event calendar on TYY website. For communication issues, you can contact TYY Communications Officer directly: English events added by the organisations on TYY website will be automatically added to TYY’s international newsletter, which is sent every two weeks.

Visibility in TYY's international guides. TYY Guide for International Tutors is directed both at the tutors of exchange students and at the tutors of degree students. TYY Guide for International Students is provided for all new international students. Organisations may have their presence in the guides by sending an English presentation to TYY Specialist for International Affairs at Organisations are informed on the issue every year in early spring before collecting the texts.

Tutoring. The university elects both tutors for international Master’s degrees and tutors for exchange students. The application period for international tutors is at the beginning of the year and training will be organised together with TYY in late spring. It is possible to reach both Master’s degree tutors and exchange student tutors through TYY’s mailing list and training events.

International Award

Every year, we choose an organisation that has done exemplary work in involving international students in their activities. The winner of the award is an organisation that communicates in English in addition to Finnish, takes care of international students' interests and has perhaps attracted international students in its activities, either as an active organiser or participant. TYY International Wing is involved in the selection of TYY International Award. Award winners in previous years:

2020 Opekas

2019 ELSA Turku ry

2018 Hybridi ry

2017 Mañana ry

2016 TYK ry