19.04.2021 - 14:15
Study in Turku

Study in Turku organizes a webinar on Monday 19th of April at 14.15 for the internationals students studying in universities and universities of applied sciences in Turku. The event is held on Zoom and is in English. Our speaker in the webinar is an occupational health psychologist Ronnie Grandell who has specialized in the areas of self-compassion and compassionate therapy. Event is a free of charge.

Register to participate through this link https://bit.ly/3qYa4tU to get a Zoom-link just before the event. You can also find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StudyinTurku/

Self-compassion refers to the ability to treat oneself as one would treat a friend, especially in challenging times when facing mistakes, adversities or other life difficulties. Research indicates that practicing self-compassion is a great way to reduce stress and procrastination, increase one’s general satisfaction with life and strengthen resilience during times of change. Self-compassion goes hand in hand with self-knowledge, which is an important skill in job seeking and in working life.

In this webinar, you will learn:

- What is self-compassion and when can it be useful to me?

- How can I strengthen my capacity for self-compassion?

- How do I use this skill in everyday life when I need it the most?

Ronnie Grandell is an occupational health psychologist, certified executive coach and non-fiction author who has specialised in the areas of self-compassion and compassionate therapy. He has written the first Finnish book on the subject called Itsemyötätunto (2015), and a sequel called Irti itsekritiikistä (2018). Ronnie works as an occupational health psychologist in Mehiläinen, Turku. In addition, Ronnie educates and trains professionals as well as the general public on the topics of self-compassion and compassion-focused psychotherapy.