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Veritas Forum: The Problem of Pain

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12.09.2016 - 16:00
Arken A102 (Armfelt), Åbo akademi, Tehtaankatu 2
Veritas Forum Finland, OPKO, Seita

Can we find a meaning for all the suffering in the world? Does this depend on whether there is a God or not?

Discussion with:
Paul Copan, Professor of Philosophy of Religion, Palm Beach Atlantic University, USA
Matti Kamppinen, Professor of Comparative Religion, University of Turku
Moderator: Antti Laato, Professor of Exegetics, Åbo Akademi University

Free admission. Time for questions and comments from the audience.

Organized by Veritas Forum Finland, OPKO and Seita
In cooperation with Faculty of Theology at Åbo Akademi University

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