28.02.2022 - 15:15 to 16:00


Welcome to discuss the internationalisation programme of the University of Turku: what should students know about the brand new Internationalisation Programme?  


The University Talks event is an open online meeting that does not require registration. The internationalisation of students will be discussed on Monday 28 February from 15.15 to 16.00 at Zoom. 


The event will be hosted by International Liaison Officer Satu Nurmi and coordinator Ameya Münzner from the Partnerships and Strategic Engagement unit and the Student Union’s Executive Board member Tuomas Alm, responsible for International Affairs. 


The following topics will be discussed at the University Talks event: 

• What should students know about the University's internationalisation programme? 

• How can University best support students ’internationalisation? 


• What kind of new support do international alumni and international mentoring bring to the international students? 


The event is held in English. Welcome anyone interested in the internationalisation of students! 

• on 28 February 2022 15.15–16.00 

• Satu Nurmi, Ameya Münzner Foujdar and Tuomas Alm, presenters of the event 

• Participation link:  https://utu.zoom.us/j/66146592660 

• Please send us questions and ask for further information: Satu Nurmi, satu.e.nurmi@utu.fi tel. +358 40 5353 7

You can find the presentation material from university talks here.