26.04.2017 - 16:00
Aussie Bar Turku
Committee for International affairs - TuKY

Vappu is one of the most traditional student celebrations in Finland. It starts in the end of April and goes on till the first of May. Vappu is filled with events for students and you can see students from every student faculty. TuKY’s Vappu is a long and an unforgettable journey for students. All the events during Vappu are great but there is one particular event you must attend to. It is the International Waters brought to you by the Committee for International affairs. 

International waters is the first Vappu event by CIA-TuKY and it is here to stay. It will be one of Vappu’s best events, and you definitely don’t want to miss this. Make sure to highlight April 26. on your calendars, because that is the date when we’ll bring you the most international event of Vappu. You definitely do not want to miss this. The event is open for all the students from different faculties.

We have booked the Aussie Bar for the whole night, and we have planned a spectacular evening just for you that will not disappoint you. The evening starts at 4pm. Aussie Bar will open the kitchen just for us and has a student priced menu available. So come and enjoy great food with great company on the sun deck of Aussie Bar. The kitchen will be open till 10 pm. 

When the night gets older, the party gets better. You have the opportunity to play beer pong and later in the evening the doors for the night club are opened where there will be a magnificent DJ playing. The party culminates to a world class artist, who will be performing in the night club.

However, the best thing about the Aussie Bar boat is that there is a sauna. You read it right. This is your one of a kind opportunity to enjoy the Finnish sauna culture during one of the most sensational events of Vappu. We will be selling packages that include a two-hour shift for ten persons in the sauna and we will also provide snacks there. Because what would be a better way to enjoy Vappu, than having a private sauna shift in this legendary party boat. The only thing you have to do is to gather a group of ten. Remember to be fast when it is the time to buy the package because we will be selling only four of them. The package costs 120€ so it will be 12€ per person.

The first 200 people will get an amazing overall badge from the door!

WHAT: International Waters
WHERE: Aussie Bar
WHEN: 26.4.2017 at 16:00
WHAT COSTS: 5€ for a normal ticket, 7€ at door, 120€ The sauna packet for ten
WHAT TO WEAR: Overalls

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