20.04.2017 - 13:30 to 16:00
Ruissalon puistotie 215, 20100 Turku, Finland
TUAS, Novia,TYY and ÅAS

It's a jungle in there!
The student unions of the Universities of Applied Sciences TUAS and Novia, and the Universities of Turku (TYY) and Åbo Akademi (ÅAS) provide you with a great opportunity to learn about tropical nature and its inhabitants in a quite un-Finnish like environment.
We take a tour bus from Turku Cathedral (Turun tuomiokirkko, in Finnish) to botanical gardens and back on Friday, April 21. At the gardens, we are given a guided tour in English. Ruissalo is a beautiful, grove-like island opposite to the city harbour, well known for its environment as well as the annual rock festivals, Ruisrock. The botanical gardens are operated by the University of Turku. Please make sure to arrive in time for the bus, we will leave at 1:30 PM and return approximately two hours later to the same spot. 
The trip and the tour are free of charge for the participants (the student tickets to the gardens cost 4 euros plus the bus ride there and back otherwise). There is room for 23 people, so please make sure you can come or cancel your participation well in time, so others will have time to join instead! There is a waiting list for this event, so even if you are unable to register among the first 23 participants, there is still a chance for you to come, should there be any cancellations. Regisration is binding, so please make sure that you can come! 

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TurkuGether is an annual series of events provided for both local and international students by the Student Unions of the universities in Turku. Students from all backgrounds are welcome to participate!