10.05.2018 - 14:00 to 17:00
Turun Nuori teatteri, Ursininkatu 4
Turku Impro Festival 2018

"Turku Impro Festival presents: TIF INTERNATIONAL THURSDAY!

One day full of improvisation in English in Turku 10th May 2018!

TIF International Thursday is part of the Turku Impro Festival 2018. Festival is being organized for the third time this year. TIF brings performers and workshop directors from around the world and offers you the best of the International improv field. Come and join us in improv workshops and shows this Spring and find the joy of improv theatre!



Per Gottfredsson & Therese Hörnqvist – The Stockholm Syndrome

The Stockholm syndrome is a workshop based on a show inspired by the Swedish playwright Lars Norén, famous for his dark portraits of dysfunctional families.

In this workshop we are going to work on tools that will help you find the scene´s full potential when it comes to drama. We are going to examine how we can stay connected with our fellow improviser on stage. How we can create an electric charge between the characters that will help us stay in our bodys and play the situation. We will work on multi-layered dialogues where you while you play the situation you also examine the history the characters have together and the character’s dreams and wishes. We will work on how we can use the stage to make the scene more interesting.

In order to fully benefit from this workshop you will need previous experience of improvisation.

WHEN? 10th May 2-5 pm

WHERE? Turun Nuori teatteri, Ursininkatu 4

TO WHO? Everyone with previous experience of improvisation theatre

HOW MUCH? 40 / 30 € (reduced price for students etc)

HOW TO JOIN? Enrollment link: https://www.lyyti.fi/reg/Per_Gottfredsson__Therese_Hornqvist__Stockholm_Syndrome_2518