05.10.2021 - 14:00 to 17:00
Rehtorinpellonkatu 4A 20500 Turku

Long workdays, dangerous working conditions and too low wages are part of the daily life in clothing factories. When shopping, we do not necessarily think about the problems associated with the clothing production chain, both from a human rights and a sustainable development perspective.

The workshop discusses the environmental impact and ethical problems in the clothing industry, responsible consumption and the recycling of textiles. We will dig deeper into these themes with the help of practical examples and exercises, with Bachelor of Fashion and Clothing and Adult Education Teacher Pipsa Niemi leading the discussion using new research data.

The Ethical and ecological problems in the clothing industry workshop inspires students to make more responsible consumption decisions and encourages critical thinking. The workshop is open and free to all.

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Monday 11.00 Opening coffees on campus and Instagram-Live
Fairtrade delicacies and interviews to support responsible purchasing decisions

Tuesday 14.00 Ethical and ecological problems in the clothing industry workshop in Turku Hall

Wednesday 13.30 Online excursion to Glope Hope and the Prime Minister's Office in Zoom

Trash pick up trip by TYY Environmental Wing at 16–17:30

Thursday 18.00 On the trail of an ethical laptop film screening and discussion event remotely

Friday 12.00 How to be a more responsible consumer? seminar in Zoom

The speakers: Heidi Hautala, Markus Terho, Minna Autio and Julia Thurén