29.03.2017 - 18:00 to 20:00
StepEurope ry

Hi you, international student from University of Turku!

We are offering you an opportunity to find a new interesting hobby and same time develop your networks and CV.


1. Who we are?

2. Brainstorming - planning the future events

3. Week against racism


1. Who we are?

StepEurope ry is a new youth organization (since the beginning of 2015), which is active in a local and international level. Our aim is to activate the youth (under 30 years old) by offering opportunities for trainings, volunteer work and youth exchanges. The focus is in the unemployed youths, the youths from different kind of cultural/ethical backgrounds and active youths from high education institutions. We want to offer possibilities to develop as an individual and increase the possibility to an active citizen.

Volunteer work is really good way to make connections and find possibilities for internships or even for a job! We are having plenty of cooperation organizations and projects, locally and internationally, making the events and trainings to come through. So just by being active volunteer you might find way to move on after the studies.

Follow us in Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/stepeuropery/) and Instagram and check out our website to get to know better of us and our activities (http://www.stepeurope.org/en/).


2. Brainstorming - planning the future events

Now you have a great chance to plan the future events and trainings withus! Our local activities are just in the beginning, so if you think that something is missing from Turku come to our event and let's try to figure out together how to make the need come through! Or if you just want to come to meet new people, have a chat and listen what we have been planning till now you are also more than welcome.

►Please sign up: info@steperuope.org


3. Week Against racism in Turku

There are many happenings in Turku during the Week Against Racism 20.-26.3! You can find more information of the happenings from the attachment. All the events are open for everyone, so don't hesitate to join!