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St. Patrick's Day Sitz Party with ESN Uni Turku

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15.03.2018 - 18:00
ESN Uni Turku

Facebook event:

March is here, and that means Spring is coming soon!
You know what else we celebrate in March? St. Patrick's Day!
And what a better excuse to celebrate a sitz party than that?
Come and enjoy a Finnish tradition with an international twist!
There are gonna be places for the 60 fastest, and the ticket will cost 15€ with ESN card, and 18€ without.
The ticket includes:
* Dinner
* Drinks
* Afterparty entrance
* Patch of the event

Afterparty's event:

Registration for the party starts on Monday 5.3. at 18:00, and tickets can be paid at the office during the following week.
Registration is binding.


WHAT: St. Patrick's Day Sitz Party
WHEN: 15.3.18 at 18:00
HOW MUCH: 15€ with ESNcard / 18€ without
REGISTRATION: 5.3. Link in Facebook