28.09.2015 - 13:15 to 15:00
Academic Career Services (Rekry), Henrikinkatu 7 (Hanken)

Finnish Red Cross is responding to crisis:
Recruiting committed people for humanitarian action

Info session in the Academic Career Services (Rekry) on Monday 28 September 2015 at 1.15 - 3.00 pm, Henrikinkatu 7 (Hanken), building Å19 in the campus map www.utu.fi/kartta.

In the early 90’s, most expatriates working for the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) were Swiss nationals; those who came from other European countries were exceptions and those coming from other continents were very rare. Today, the ICRC’s human resources statistics tell an entirely different story: nowadays, most of those scouted by the ICRC’s human resources statistics tell an entirely different story: nowadays, most of those scouted by the ICRC are non Swiss and may originate from as far away as Mongolia: or in other words: over 80% are non Swiss.

However, despite of recruiting worldwide, finding the right people remains a challenge, especially when an emergency situation is creating an urgent need for well-prepared generalists as well as specialists for instance in the field of engineering, health, business administration or logistics and languages. Languages are in fact an important asset for the ICRC and are crucial to launch as well as consolidate an action and maintain the institution’s independence, neutrality and impartiality. So even generalists, have to speak a minimum of two to three different languages, to make it into the ICRC.

We however, are less strict in regards to languages when it comes to specialists: there, the specific knowledge and expertise comes first. Nevertheless, even specialists need to be able to express themselves very well in oral and written English . In all contexts, ICRC’s activities rely entirely on precise and accurate language use. Especially for activities considered particularly sensitive – such as prison visits or networking with government and army representatives or rebel forces for the sake of protecting the civilian population from the consequences of conflict – accurate language skills are a prerequisite to action.

It is one of ICRC’s constant challenges to find the right and most qualified people to implement its activities. Those who show interest, respond and eventually become part of our institution are given a unique opportunity to protect and assist victims of conflict. They will help to create perspectives and build bridges that can influence those political levels that have the power to change the fate of the victims.

We want to mobilise all who feel humanitarian commitment and engage them in this noble cause.

If you are interested, come along to the presentation organized on Monday 28 September 1.15-3.00 pm in the Academic Career Services (Rekry), Henrikinkatu 7, (building Å19 in the campus map www.utu.fi/kartta ) There you will receive more relevant information about selection requirements, profiles but also what the ICRC in offering. Looking forward welcoming you to the event!

Registration: rekryilmo@utu.fi