21.05.2019 - 14:15 to 15:45
Publicum 4
Assistentinkatu 7 20500 Turku
Suomen Lähetysseura, Oppilaitospapit, TYY, TYYn kehitysyhteistyösiipi

The political economies climate change: towards increasing North-South cooperation

Finland just experienced what might be labelled as climate-elections – but what happens next? While it is tremendously important to curb the emissions here, Finland has also an obligation to allocate resources to global climate funding.

However, in its current sorry state, this funding targeted to middle income countries on the expense of the poorest and most vulnerable. Moreover, less than fifth of the funding goes to climate change adaptation while the target is 50%.

While discussions revolve around the political and economic setting for sustainable climate projects in vulnerable contexts, the seminar asks also if investors or businesses can be involved in supporting the affected communities in their efforts to adapt to or mitigate climate change, what might those involvements be?

The discussions are rooted to concrete work. We learn how successful adaption and mitigation is put into practice in two countries facing serious problems catalysed by climate change, Tanzania and Nepal. SW Energy has interest bringing their innovations to African continent and participating researchers have conducted extensive fieldwork around the Global South.

First part: What is there to learn from Tanzania and Nepal community development projects

Opening words
- Associate Professor, Nina Käyhkö
Building capacities for climate change resilient agriculture in Nepal
- Dr Surendra Shesthra, the Head of Sahas, Nepal
- Comments Rebecca Frilund, University of Turku Doctoral Researcher
Developing community-based carbon sinks
- Dr. Emmanuel Shangweli, the Head of Tangaiyka Christian Refugee Service, Tanzania
- Comments Sabaheta Ramcilovik, Natural Resources Institute Finland, Post-Doctoral Researcher

Second part: Towards increasing co-operation in the finances of climate change adaptation and mitigation (30 – 45 min)
- Surendra Shesthra and Emmanuel Shangweli,
- Doctoral Student Tikli Loivaranta, University of Turku
- Representative from SWEnergia
- Ruusa Gawaza, Climate specialist, Felm (Suomen Lähetysseura)

Session hosted by Dr. Niko Humalisto, University of Eastern Finland, Felm (Suomen Lähetysseura)

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