09.04.2016 - 21:00
Linnateatteri (Linnankatu 31, 20100 Turku)

Are you bold enough to enter the Dark Side Of The Mime? Are you ready for a journey to the secrets of our dark side? Do you want to do a travel to the dark side of humanity? Do you want to see something unexpected - where you do not really know what will happen in the next hour? Do you want to get entertained on a completely different way by great artists? You wouldn’t describe yourself as prudish or weak-stomached. You want to go to a theater in Finland, but your Finnish is not good enough.

Then be ready to an extraordinary mime in a different atmosphere, in a theater restaurant with the mime artist Marc Gassot. Be ready for an art performance which explores the grotesque like nothing else, where no taboos are existing. Be ready for dark and sexual humour. Be ready for a mime-porn-splatter-show how the show is described by the director Akse Pettersen.

The Dark Side of the Mime will be performed on the 5th March and on the 9th April 2016 in Linnateatteri Turku at 9 pm.

The price only for International Students  is 10€ per ticket. Normal price for students is 17€. You can make a reservation per mail at info@linnateatteri.fi, by calling 022321215 or get the tickets at the ticket sale at the Linnateatteri, Linnankatu 31, 20100 Turku. The office times are Monday to Friday 10.00 - 14.00 and also mondays from 16.00- 18.30.