12.09.2018 - 16:00
Behind Arcanum
Vatselankatu 2 20500 Turku
Hybridi ry

Welcome to Turku our old and new international friends!

Hybridi would like to invite you to a picnic on Wednesday September 12th where you can get known to other international friends from the Faculty of Science and Engineering! If you don't study in this faculty, you're very welcome to attend no matter what!

The event is for free! You'll get some snacks and non-alcoholic beverages in the event and there will be very traditional and not so traditional Finnish outdoor games. Make sure you take your own drinking cup with you for sustainability reasons. There will also be a grill for barbeque so if you wish to eat some other than the small snack that's included, feel free to bring your own!

The event will be held behind Arcanum which is at the campus area right next to the big parking lot area (address Vatselankatu 2).
The picnic begins at 4pm (16:00) and goes on until 10pm (22:00).

See you at the picnic! :)

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WHAT: Picnic behind Arcanum
WHEN: Semptember 12th at 4pm
Cup (non-alcoholic beverages provided), 
Food if you wish (a snack provided), 
Drinks if you wish.