29.10.2015 - 16:00 to 18:00
TYY & International Staff Services

Brace yourself, winter is coming! How does Finnish winter feel like and how do we cope with darkness?

We will get together to talk about Finnish winter. How is it and how to survive?

At the beginning of the event we will have presentation by Tina Wikström from YTHS (Finnish Student Health Services) and presentation "How to survive Finnish winter?" survey by international Master’s degree students Michel Rouleau and Riccardo Camilloni.

After the sessions, we will have relaxing exercises in Finnish in small groups, just like last time. There will be Finnish students helping you to speak up. This is also great way to get Finnish friends!

There will be coffee, orange juice and some snacks for 40 first ones!

The event is open for everyone! You can be exchange student, degree student, post-doc, visiting student or intern, it does not matter!

Remember to invite all your friends!

See you soon!

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