1. Login to the site (upper right corner, lock image)

If your organisation's username/ password has been lost, you can ask for a new username/ password at tyy-jarjestosihteeri@utu.fi

2. Select add an event (top right of the page)

3. Fill out the event form

event title in format: Organisation’s name: event name

Event Categories (Tapahtumaluokka):

  • Academic: For example, seminars, discussions, lectures, wing meetings, etc.
  • Hobbies: For example, game nights, sports, choir auditions, etc.
  • Culture: For example, concerts, theaters, cinema presentations, etc.
  • Party: Party, anniversaries, sits parties etc.

Place (Paikka):
Site description eg Turku-Sali, TYY sauna, Q-house, Educarium, Piccu Maccia, etc.

Address (Osoite):
The exact address of the place. Once you have entered the address, select the "Find using addressfield" button, the location will appear on the map view.

The event image (eg banner / poster) is added with its own image function. Do not add pictures to text. The size of the image file should be less than 20 MB.

Time (Ajankohta):
In the case of an event such as a party that continues over midnight, do not mark the end time (uncheck the “show end date”). You can also leave an end date when you are not sure about the end of the event.

Organiser (Järjestäjä):
Mark all the organisers.

Choose Finnish when you make an event on the TYY Finnish-language calendar and English when you make an event on the TYY English-language calendar. Make your own version of both languages.

Contents (Sisältö):
The actual description of the event comes in the content field. The word is free, but remember equality. If the event has a more specific program, add it to the content field.

The event also in Finnish?

If you would also like an event in the Finnish calendar, please fill out the new form in Finnish.


Our goal is to promote an equal university community and society. In all of our activities, we strive to ensure that our students can be active without fear of discrimination. Organisations are part of the Student Union, so their activities and events must be equal for all.

Read more about theEquality Guide for the Organisations of TYY