21.10.2019 - 18:00
Rehtorinpellonkatu 4A 20500 Turku

International students (and other possibly interested parties)! Hybridi presents: board game night

Have you always wanted to play board games with Finns?! Probably not. Most likely haven't even crossed your mind?
But sounds fun, right? Awesome, 'cause Hybridi is throwing one compelling, most definitely magnificent board game night for you all!

If you're interested in learning new games, playing the good ol' ones, getting to know sociable Finns (we do exist) and other international students, or just one of the above, you're welcomed to join us in Turku -sali/hall on the 21st of October.
Some snacks are provided ofc.

If you're wondering where Turku -sali/hall is: the same building where TYYs office, Assari, and Brygge are located.
The door to the hall is on the second floor, "behind" Brygge.

See you there.

WHAT? Hybridi's board game night!
WHERE? Turku -sali/hall
WHEN? 21st of October at 6pm
HOW MUCH? Absolutely free!
WHY? Because board games are awesome!
HYBRIDI? Hybridi is the umbrella association for the student associations in the faculty of Science and Engineering.
I don't study in the faculty of SciEn, but I like board games... Can I still come? Yes, absolutely!

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