13.04.2015 - 18:00 to 23:00
Metsämäen ravirata (Vanha Tampereentie 235)
Turun Hippos

Horse racing excursion to Metsämäki racetrack

Metsämäki racetrack wants to invite students to see horse racing on 13th of April at 18 o'clock.

Sign up to the excursion at Lyyti and reserve a spot from the racetracks restaurant stand, free of charge! You can wear your overalls if you like. By showing your student card you can enjoy student priced food and drinks at the restaurant. We will also receive some guidance to how the racing works (in Finnish) and a tour to the stables.

The fastest ones to sign up receive an overall badge at the racetrack.

You can get to the racetrack and back to city center with the "Trot bus" (schedule will be specified later) or with the regular local bus (the trot bus costs the same as the regular bus ticket).



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