01.03.2016 - 15:00
Turku-sali meeting room, 2nd Floor, Rehtorinpellonkatu 4 A, Turku
TYY International, Me2we, EK, Team Finland, Amcham, Finpro, Sitra

Event for International Talents in Turku who want to be part of Findwork.fi campaign

EK, Team Finland, Finpro, Amcham, Sitra and Me2we are organizing Findwork.fi campaign, which has started in February.
Findwork.fi is a recruitment challange for companies to hire international talents. Findwork.fi campaign video is running in the movies theatres already. You can see one of the famous "Bruce J. Oreck" believing in our idea and being part of this campaign.

Goal of this campaign is to create a talent pool where companies can find international talents and offer them jobs, projects, internships and thesis topics. Already 40 different organizations are on board in the campaign, but now we help to find them talent.

Me2we & TYY International warmly welcomes all the international talents to Turku-sali meeting room, located on the second floor of Student House A (Rehtorinpellonkatu 4 A).

Please register to the event before Monday, 29.2 at by sending your details, name, email ID, university/organization name & contact number at info@me2we.fi

For more information contact:
Petri Tuomela

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