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28.02.2017 - 13:00
TYY, ÅAS, TUO ja Novium

The annual downhill sledging event Fastlaskiainen by students from the universities and universities of applied sciences will be held on Shrove Tuesday February 28 on Vartiovuori. The event is organized by TYY, ÅAS, TUO and Novium and all citizens of Turku and other like-minded are welcome. The festive day includes downhill sledging, some appetizers, music and contests between the executive boards of the student unions and associations. Different organisations will also present by their stands where you can get to know them and their activities. Remember to enroll into the sledging contest with your team if you wish to participate and bring some backup as the final winner will be decided by the audience after the qualification by the prestigious jury. You may also just come by, enjoy the company, check out if there's any snow at all by the turning of March and see who has the fanciest sledge!

Share your feelings on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #Fastlaskiainen, the best post will be rewarded!

The day's schedule

  • 13:00 The event starts by the contests between the executive boards of the student unions and associations
  • 13:45 The downhill sledging competition starts
  • 15:15 The annunciation of the winner