24.11.2017 - 17:30 to 20:00
Turku-Sali, Rehtoripellonkatu 4a, 20500 Turku
TYY International Wing

The TYY International Wing is happy to invite you to a Cultural Evening on the 24th of November. The evening is arranged for the first time and it involves live performance, quiz games and other fun activities in a friendly and cozy environment. We are interested in everything that represents a specific culture!

You are free to show and/or tell us something interesting about your country’s unique culture and traditions. You can teach us a game that we can instantly play. Feel free to bring a snack that is specific to your culture.

Unleash your inner artist! If you want to sing, play a musical instrument, recite a poem, dance or do stand-up comedy, then this is your chance! We will have a guitar there, but feel free to bring your own instrument! Even if you don’t do any of this, come and cheer up others.

Sign up here if you want to perform

We will also have some snacks. Join us, bring your friends and enjoy the evening!

WHERE: Turku-Sali
WHEN: the 24th of November at 17.30 to 20.00
WHAT’S AVAILABLE: Acoustic Guitar, Microphone, Sound System, Multimedia Projector.
WHY: Why not?

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