07.04.2016 - 20:00

Do you enjoy energetic music and good company? Are you yet to try out the new bar by the two happy brewers? Would you like to be able to tell your friends about the new Haloo Helsinki that 'I listened to them when they weren't mainstream'? Now there is a splendid opportunity to embrace student culture with open arms as TYY organizes the traditional band review this spring.

The stage is open for five interesting newcomers on their way to fame and this time the competition will be held in the atmosphere of the post-apocalyptic Radbar. The bar opens already at 14:00, but there's sure to be crowded by the time the bands play.

Lacking the dimensions of a concert hall, the bar can only hold so many people and one should therefore be there early.

Come to find out the future stars of the Finnish pop/rock/party music scene and see which band gets the grand prize, the gig at the iconic Vappupicnic on first of May. The competitors will be judged by the jury and the favorite of the audience will also be rewarded. Let's raise the roof!

Time Venue
14:00 Radbar opens
20:00 Ferry is Closed (https://www.facebook.com/ferryisclosed)
20:45 Nightmare Enemy (https://www.facebook.com/nightmareenemy)
21:30 Shitboot (https://www.facebook.com/Shitbootband)

The entrance is free. Welcome to rock with us!