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Anime Karaoke and Manga Flea Market

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14.09.2019 - 15:00 to 22:00
Rehtorinpellonkatu 4 A
Turku Manga and Anime Society Senpai

Anime karaoke and manga fleamarket at the same time? :O

This time around with anime karaoke we have a manga fleamarket too. Other anime and manga related stuff can also be sold.

Manga and other stuff for sale can be put on display on Turku-sali’s tables. We believe that there will be room for everyone, but to just in case we ask people to use as little space and possible, and should the space from the tables run out, we’ll go with first come, first serve, meaning that the people who are there first are prioritized should the space run out. Take cash with you.

Price your stuff in advance. You can either put stickers on your manga or you can make a seperate list with all the prices. Let’s keep everything in good taste, so if you want to seel something that someone might deem inappropriate, cover that kind of stuff and only show them around if asked.

We will also sell doubles from Senpai’s library and profits from selling those will go towards Senpai’s club activities.

In karaoke we will be singing songs from Senpai’s song list, which is filled with anime songs, Finnish classics and other great pieces of music. You can make further suggestions for the song list at the karaoke_workshop channel at Senpai’s Discord.

The song list can be viewed here:

We’ll start with singing at 15:00.