26.04.2015 - 15:00
TuKY, Lex ja TLKS

26.4 Turku will shake with a competition straight outta Hollywood Hills: The Amazing Race – Turku. Signing up to the race will be done in pairs and teams will be formed by mixing different pairs together. 

The competition is suited for everyone, regardless of your physical condition or battle hunger. While signing up for the race, you will get to declare are you going for a relaxing Sunday walk or are your eyes fixed upon the incredible prizes and glory that awaits the fastest teams. Teams will be formed with pairs that share the same attitude towards the race.

Amazing Race Turku is a competition for STUDENTS and it follows the original tv series. The purpose of the race is to navigate through different checkpoints to the goal. After completing a mystery task in a checkpoint, the team gets a hint for the location of the next checkpoint. 

WHAT: Amazing Race – Turku
WHERE: Turku
WHEN: 26th April
PRICE: 15e / pair

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1582823528622894/