All students are different, but all are equally entitled to study and to belong to the student community. Accessibility is about the equal possibility to participate so that the threshold caused by physical, mental and social hindrances is as low as possible. Especially TYY’s Accessibility Wing and the Disability Coordinator of the University work for an accessible university.

TYY’s Accessibility Wing

Accessibility Wing consists of students who promote the realisation of accessibility at the University of Turku. Previously the wing worked under the name of Accessibility Working Group.

Find out more about Accessibility Wing at TYY Wings section

Disability Coordinator of the University of Turku

The Disability Coordinator of the University of Turku, Paula Pietilä, counsels and guides students with disabilities and students with special needs, as well as those aiming at studies, in different ways, e.g. with regard to the entrance examination and special arrangements in studies. She is also responsible for the counselling related to the accessibility of the university and availability of services.

Disability Coordinator Paula Pietilä, tel. +358 (0)2 333 6235,
Visit the webpages of the Disability Coordinator at the intranet of the University of Turku  (requires logging in with university ID).

Mental health belongs to everyone!

On My Mind project promotes students' overall well-being. The goal is that nobody is left alone with their problems.
Support students offer peer support so you can get involved in the student community regardless of your individual characteristics. With support student you can discuss your experiences confidentially and think of solutions to difficult situations. You can also always ask a support student to take you to events. Support students have received training and comprehensive support materials, so they are able to tip you appropriate professional support services if necessary.

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