TYY includes a total of approximately 15,000 members, each of which has different interests and needs. As a Student Union, we aim to respond to this versatile demand with diversified activities. This section includes information on TYY’s activities.

Promotion of student interests - How does the Student Union promote your particular interests as a University student?

Internationalism - TYY enables international activities with different manners, in addition to which we want to support students e.g. in leaving for an exchange periods.

Wings - Groups of voluntary actions, in which participation is made as easy as possible.

Student culture - First of May, Fastlaskiainen, Anniversary celebration, sitsit... having a good time!

Tutoring - Help must be available in the first steps of beings a student.

Accessibility - TYY’s Accessibility Working Group consists of students who promote the realisation of accessibility at the University of Turku.

Development cooperation - Because we need to tackle global inequality.

Turku Student Newspaper - A paper that can be read several times.

Film Club Kinokopla - A film club managed by the Student Union, open to all and showing films that spur discussion.

Group 40,000 - A common voice of the higher education students for influencing the politics in the City of Turku

Company cooperation - Actions aiming at supporting the finances of the Student Union and obtaining services and benefits for students.