The main focus of the TYY international sector are international special interests, counselling and other services for international students as well as the organisation of activities and events. The sector provides activities for University of Turku students in an international atmosphere so come and be a part of local internationalisation!

Anna Telenius, the Specialist in International Affairs and Henna Henriksson, who also takes care of development cooperation issues, the Executive Board member for international affairs are both responsible for the international issues at TYY.

The Specialist International Affairs is an authority in matters concerning internationalism and development cooperation. The Specialist in International Affairs coordinates the TYY development cooperation project in Mexico. You can always turn to the Specialist in International Affairs in questions concerning international concerns.

The Executive Board member has political responsibility for international affairs at TYY. He/she follows up-to-date academic affairs and social policy and has the main responsibility for International Affairs on TYY plan of action, annual report and budget. He is the contact person to the TYY Committee on International Affairs.

Get international on your home campus! Join e-mail lists, follow the TYY web pages or get in touch with the Executive Board member or Specialist in International Affairs.

Contact information:

Specialist in International Affairs Anna Telenius,

Executive Board member for international affairs Henna Henriksson,